How to choose frames to fit your lifestyle

Whether you are looking to purchase a pair of eyeglasses with the primary purpose of improving your vision, or you simply want a new fashionable accessory to add into your daily wardrobe, we want to help you choose a pair of glasses that compliments you! Here are few tips for finding the right pair of frames for everyone in your family.

Factor In Your Lifestyle

If you are wearing glasses for the purposes of correcting your vision, then they are going to be something that you are wearing day in and day out, in every activity that you participate in. Therefore, ensure that you are choosing a frame that fits with your lifestyle. For instance, are you an active sports player? A fast-paced business professional?  A busy mom? Make sure you factor all of this into your decision.

Choose A Color That’s Right For You

Eyeglasses come in a large variety of different colors, from bright and fun to classic and conservative. When it comes to choosing a color that works best for you, think of what color is most appropriate for your daily life. For instance, classic black, brown and silver frames may be great for adults who want to impress their business clients and colleagues. Bright red, pink or blue frames may be more fun for kids or students who want to make a statement.

Compliment Your Face Shape

Believe it or not, eyeglasses are not one shape fits all. For instance, a frame that looks great on someone who has a long, thin face may look out of proportion on someone whose face shape is round. Therefore, experiment with different sizes and shapes to determine which frame looks best on your face shape. It’s best to choose frames that are at least as wide as the widest part of your face, then play around with different shapes from there.

Consider your Prescription

Even though fashion may be in the forefront of your mind when selecting frames, remember that form does indeed follow function. Certain lenses just won’t fit into certain frames. Maybe your lenses are too thick or too small to work with a particular frame. Keeping your prescription lenses in mind when selecting your frames will save you a lot of time, and maybe even some heartbreak.

There is a reason why so many people with 20/20 vision are still opting to wear eyeglasses― they’re fun and fashionable! Let us help you find just the right frame to fit your lifestyle!

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